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15.2 m [49′] diesel electric power catamaran

Our design office designation for the ‘Manta- 52’ power Catamaran built by Atlantis Yachts, was the ‘Viridian’. The original intention was that the boat was to be diesel electric powered, but with the capability of also running quietly at a good speed under none polluting electric power alone. The commercial reality of the time, combined with the low energy storage density of the lead acid battery, made achieving this goal very difficult. However, times change and eight years on the electric drive technology has advanced so much that the electric drive ‘Viridian’ is back on the agenda. And, with the affordable fuel cell very close to realisation, Atlantis Yachts are in a unique position to be able to produce a modern silent running electric motor yacht. The client for the original ‘Viridian’ lived in North America’s pacific northwest and the climate of this area was a major factor in shaping the design of this vessel. Most of the cruising in the area is in relatively sheltered waters. So, although the wing deck is some 900m from the water, it is carried well forward and the “double arch” wing deck shape that is so characteristic of our offshore vessels is nowhere to be seen. Another consequence of the climate is the raised interior helm station. This “sky lounge” layout also means that the saloon/galley area has a feature not usually found on a vessel of such relatively modest dimensions. This is a 3m high “atrium” which opens up the interior and allows passengers seated in the helm station lounge area direct visual access and communication with the saloon and galley areas. The boat has our usual round bilge high speed displacement hull shape featuring the characteristic knuckle and inboard chamfer panel. The efficiency of this hull form is evidenced by the 28 knots obtained from the 2 x 350hp Yanmar diesels driving 5 bladed props through a 3:1 vee drive gearbox. The vee drive is used to enable an electric motor to be attached to the back of the gear box for electric propulsion, and operates at a cruising speed of 22 knots the boat has a range of 1400 nautical miles and uses 2.3 litres of fuel per nautical mile [50.6 litres per hour] or 0.6 US gals per nautical mile [13.4 gals per hour].

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LOA 16m 52.9′
BOA 6.63 m 21.75′
Displacement [Full Load] 18 tonnes 39,600 lb
Power 2 x 261 kw 2 x 350 hp
Performance Top speed 28 knots Cruising 22 knots
range 1400 nautical miles at 22 knots