Turissimo – 9


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Turissimo – 9

9 m[29.5′] performance cruising cat

This was a further development of the concepts embodied by the “GBE”. It is essentially a cruising version of that boat and retains all the advantages of low cost, ease of handling, simplicity and high performance while considerably increasing the helping of home comforts available. The boom tent that was to become standard on all the open wing deck boats increased the living space enormously. The electric start, remote controlled, outboard in its central pod gives good performance under power. It too is available and it continues in series production in a number of countries.


LOA 9m 29′ 6
BOA 6m 19′ 9
Displacement [on DWL] 1,300 kg 2,860 lb
Sail Area 53 sqm 565 sq’