Timeliner – 46


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Timeliner – 46

14 m[46′] performance ocean cruising cat

The “Timeliner – 46” is a serious cruising boat with offshore capabilities. For its “size” and displacement it is a little longer than the usual cruising boat. However, this extra length does endow it with a good load carrying capability and the ability to carry that “little bit extra” so beloved by cruising people, without destroying its performance. It has a generous sail area and in its light load mode will give a good account of itself on the racing circuit being a match for all but the most extreme racers. It is basically rigged as a sloop but can quite easily be converted to a cutter or stay as a sloop with masthead extras set off a forebeam “prod”. Asymmetrical spinnakers and reachers are standard. Construction can be in strip plank timber or strip plank foam with ply/foam/ply or foam and glass used for the large flat panels. Any combination of materials can be used if you wish. Computer generated tables of offsets, full-sized patterns, or CNC files to drive a profile cutter can be provided.

Booklets on construction of such items as glass fibre underwater foils, composite beams and wing masts are provided with the plans. Booklets also cover the various components and construction techniques such as stressed ply, strip plank cedar composite and strip plank foam that are appropriate to the particular design you have chosen. They also deal with setting up mould frames, flat panel and ply/foam/ply construction and vacuum bagging and resin infusion if you plan on using those methods.


LOA 14m 45.9′
BOA 7.6m 24.9′
Displacement [on LWL] 7,000 kg 15,400 lb
Sail Area 105.63 sqm 1,137 sq’