Spyder MK 2


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Spyder MK 2

8 m [26.25′] micro-multihull cat
A micro-multihull catamaran designed to the latest IMMCA rule. The boat fits all the IMMCA requirements as regards; sail area, stability, accommodation, waterline length etc and rates in the max 1.5 band for level racing. A wing mast can be fitted at some sacrifice in total sail area. The boat is de-mountable for transport.

It is a fast “minimalist” cruiser that can be fitted with a boom tent [see Turissimo 9] to extend the accommodation.

Booklets on construction of such items as glass fibre underwater foils, composite beams and wing masts are provided with the plans. Booklets also cover the various components and construction techniques such as stressed ply, strip plank cedar composite and strip plank foam that are appropriate to the particular design you have chosen. They also deal with setting up mould frames, flat panel and ply/foam/ply construction and vacuum bagging and resin infusion if you plan on using those methods.


LOA 8m 26.3′
BOA 5.55m 18.3′
Sail Area 41.47 sqm 446 sq’