Red Shift


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Red Shift

9.75 m[32′] racing/cruising cat
This is largely a racing boat that also has reasonable accommodation largely due to the stress ply construction system. This allows very light weight which combined with an efficient wing mast makes it possible to have quite a commodious interior. Stressed ply is a relatively simple form of construction for the amateur and this basic approach is carried through into the rest of the boat. The wing mast is a combination of alloy and stressed ply skin. It is not high tech but simple and easy to build and the alloy cross beams are very convenient and easy to make and install. Simple strip plank composite beams can also be used. It is demountable and transportable.


LOA 9.75m 32′
BOA 6.3m 20′ 8
Displacement [LWL] 1,500 kg 3,300 lb
Sail Area 75.23 sqm 810 sq’