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10 m[32.8′] fishing power cat

The Moki is about as short a displacement power catamaran as you can reasonably have, still retaining the advantages inherent in the displacement power cat. It is a timber composite vessel designed for day charter fishing. It is designed to meet local New Zealand survey requirements and is licensed to carry 25 fishermen for day fishing trips. A very fuel-efficient vessel. Could equally well be built in foam and glass or a similar composite construction.

This vessel is based around being the most for your money. Her boxy appearance is based around keeping the boat all built out of flat panels that can be fabricated on a table. This keeps mould cost and finishing time to an absolute minimum so that you can build a larger more capable boat for the same investment. Panels come off the table with a full gloss exterior finish ready for painting, and the inside is simply finished with a veneer or flow coat.

A variation on the boat, also shown in the photos below is the longer 40foot version the Grand Moki! This modification came about some time after the main design, as owners looked to carry either more passengers or wanted to up the speed or both. And so the Grand Moki was born! The hull shape is easily extendable and the engine moved aft into the cockpit space to trim the vessel correctly.


LOA 10m 32.8’
BOA 4.4m 14.4’
Displacement [Full load] 4,500kg 9,900lb
Power 2 x 33kw 2 x 45hp
Performance Maximum 16.4 knots Cruising 12.5 knots