Matauri 16.5


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Matauri 16.5

16m Commuter Ferry

The Matauri 16.5 is unusual in that it is a ferry boat built from timber. But it is not traditional timber construction but rather a contemporary approach that uses the power of the computer, and epoxy resin, glass and Kevlar to produce an up to the minute design. The attached are the construction photos of the Matauri Ferry 16.5 being built by NCBB in Whangarei, New Zealand. This 91 Passenger Ferry is being built for a New Zealand client who is currently operating the 14.5-metre version of this ferry. The boat is being built from a kitset cut from plywood with geometry and cut files produced in-house at Malcolm Tennant Multihull Design Ltd and cut by SMI in Whangarei. DXF files are provided for CNC cutting of most of the components of this vessel. This vessel is very fuel efficient, in fact, our CS hull form has repeatedly shown itself to be the most fuel-efficient over a wide range of speeds. This is very significant in these days of increasing fuel costs.

Booklets on construction accompany the construction plans and cover the various components and construction techniques such as stressed ply, strip plank cedar composite and strip plank foam that are appropriate to the particular design you have chosen. They also deal with setting up mould frames, flat panel and ply/foam/ply construction and vacuum bagging and resin infusion if you plan on using those methods.


LOA 16.5m 54 ft
BOA 5.42m 17.78 ft
Displacement 26,100 kg full load 57,420 lb
Power 2 x 246 kW 2 x 330 hp
Performance 24knots 91 passengers