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14.5 m [47.6′] displacement power cat

The ‘Jaybee’ is a displacement power Catamaran, whose primary purpose is to function as a dive charter boat. To this end, the wingdeck extends right aft and it has a very large cockpit containing a central athwartships seat that can be straddled to make the fitting of dive tanks easy. Three sides of this cockpit are open and are fitted with gates and boarding ladders to facilitate dispatching and boarding divers in full gear. The diving gear and tanks are all stowed in this area in close proximity to the dive compressor that is direct driven, via a clutch, from the generator. The 26 knot performance and the renowned sea keeping capability of the displacement power cat ensures maximum diving time for the charter clients. Because it had to fit into a standard marina berth, the ‘Jaybee’ is somewhat narrow in the beam for a Catamaran, but this has been offset to some extent by taking the cabin right out to the hull sides and eliminating the sidedecks; forward access is then achieved via hatches in the foredeck. If a marina berth does not impose restrictions then extra beam is very easily achieved. The original craft built to this design was of composite timber construction to meet M&I survey requirements. This meant that the cored panels [ ply/foam/ply ] of the wingdeck and bulkheads had to use PVC foam or end grain balsa rather than the cheaper polyurethane because of the fire resistance requirements. This form of construction is not unlike “normal” foam and glass composite construction, and the boat could be readily adapted to other forms of composite, or hybrid, construction if required. With its high, but economical, performance combined with exceptional seakeeping and stability; the ‘Jaybee’ is an excellent example of a modern displacement power cat that is uniquely suited to its dive charter role. A variant on this design ‘Beyond Limits’ was team New Zealand’s weather boat for the last Americas Cup.


LOA 14.5m 47.6′
BOA 5m 16.4′
Displacement [Full Load] 11,171 kg 24,628 lb
Power 2 x 186 kw 2 x 250 hp
Performance Maximum 28 knots Cruising 23 knots