Great Barrier Express


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Great Barrier Express

8.5 m[27.9′] racer/cruiser cat

The “Great Barrier Express” was the archetype for the larger “off the beach” style open wing deck catamarans. It was the first of the larger open wing deck alloy cross beamed boats and it graphically demonstrated the exciting performance that was inherent in this type of craft. This performance allied to reasonable accommodation, low cost and its trailability has made it very successful design. Over three hundred were built. The “GBE”, as it was often called, was in series production in a number of countries and it established Malcolm Tennants position as a multihull designerof merit . One design racing in the larger multihulls first became a reality with this class. Despite being designed in 1973 the “GBE” is still the performance benchmark for boats of this type. Thanks to AFA Photography for the action shot of “U2”.


LOA 8.5m 27′ 9
BOA 5m 16′ 5
Displacement [on DWL] 1,077 kg 2,370 lb
Sail Area 38 sqm 410 sq’