Domino 20 Power Catamaran


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Domino 20 Power Catamaran

Domino 20 – Power Catamaran, Long range, ocean-going, live aboard power cat

With the ‘Domino-20′ Power Catamaran we designed a vessel that was capable of staying offshore for extended periods of time. The clients wanted a boat that was essentially self-sufficient for long periods of time and that basically provided a life aboard the vessel for a couple with the occasional guest. To this end, it has most of the spacious accommodation in the wing deck and a very large cruising range.

The hull of the Domino 20 is our usual high prismatic, round bilge, CS hull form that, along with the compound curved wing deck and our customary knuckles, incorporates all our current experience, obtained from large a number of ocean crossings, of what makes for good sea keeping. Despite its length, it is a relatively “small” boat. This length allows us the freedom to position the sleeping quarters in the optimum place, over the centre of pitching for maximum comfort of a liveaboard crew. The outcome of this is, that because the bed is located in the place of minimum movement, sleeping on the lounge sole in rough weather, which is necessary on so many boats with the sleeping quarters located forward, is a thing of the past. The longer hull length also allows for a high load carrying capability and maximises the already exceptional sea keeping and outstanding fuel efficiency that are characteristic of the CS displacement hull form.

The design of the Domino 20 Power Catamaran demonstrates quite clearly the difference between “big” and “long” as applied to power Catamarans and the benefits to be gained from extra length, as opposed to extra size.

All of this makes for a simple vessel with the capacity to cross any ocean on its own bottom in comfort & safety while voyaging under power for long distances

There are a number of these vessels on the world’s oceans making long distances crossings. The Dufours who built the original Domino 20 Power Catamaran share their cruising experience at the following blog:

Check out the owners’ website for more information about this vessel and lots of information on cruising around Australia.



LOA 20m 65.5Ft
BOA 6.8m 22.4Ft
Displacement 39,000Kg Full Load 85,980lbs Full Load
Power 224Kw x 2 300Hp x 2
Performance 20Kts at full load displacement 20Kts at full load displacement
range 4000nm at 10 knots, 2000nm at 20 knots