Crazy Horse MKII


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Crazy Horse MKII

10.66 m[35′] racing cat
The “Crazy Horse MK.II.” is designed to fit just under the upper limit of the 35′ class for racing. A light weight boat featuring strip plank composite cross beams and stressed plywood centerboards and rudders with a simple wing mast. The boat is laid out for short handed racing and a roller furling boom is recommended if this form of competition is going to be the dominant activity. The high Bruce number [1.95] and the 62% beam gives it race winning potential. Can be built in the “split half” technique using strip plank cedar composite or foam and glass. Thanks to Terry Fong of AFA Photography for the great action shots.”Fully Charged” won its division in the last Coastal Classic.

Booklets on construction of such items as glass fibre underwater foils, composite beams and wing masts are provided with the plans. Booklets also cover the various components and construction techniques such as stressed ply, strip plank cedar composite and strip plank foam that are appropriate to the particular design you have chosen. They also deal with setting up mould frames, flat panel and ply/foam/ply construction and vacuum bagging and resin infusion if you plan on using those methods.


LOA 10.66m 34′ 11
BOA 7.6m 24′ 11
Displacement [LWL] 1,900 kg 4,180 lb
Sail Area 97.3 sqm 1,008 sq’