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18.3 m [60′] motor/sailer catamaran

At the time of its construction, this boat was the largest vinyl ester structure ever constructed in the Southern Hemisphere. What made it unique was that it was the first of our motorsailer designs to use our evolving CS high-speed displacement power boat hull form. The ‘Cordova’ was the first of our designs to apply our unusual design philosophy to the design of motorsailers. What we did was to fit sails to what was a powerboat hull form. It was the first motorsailer in the world to really embody the concept of the “best of all possible worlds”. It sailed much faster than any comparable monohulled vessel ever could [24 knots under sail was recorded]. It also motored faster than most power boats at 18 to 20 knots. Along with this, it incorporated the accommodation space of a fairly large sized house. The generous amount of space available was further enhanced by the interior fit-out which utilized normal domestic appliances and commercial air conditioning. Another first in the marine area.

The accommodation is fairly minimal. It has standing headroom and a single berth in each “corner”. The accommodation can be extended by use of a boom tent.

Booklets on the construction of such items as glass fibre underwater foils, composite beams and wing masts are provided with the plans. Booklets also cover the various components and construction techniques such as stressed ply, strip plank cedar composite and strip plank foam that are appropriate to the particular design you have chosen. They also deal with setting up mould frames, flat panel and ply/foam/ply construction and vacuum bagging and resin infusion if you plan on using those methods.


LOA 18.3 m 60′
BOA 8.7 m 28.6
Displacement [on DWL] 16,400 kg 36,0801 lb
Power 2 x 111.8 kW 2 x 150 hp
Performance under power 15 to 18 knots under sail 24 knots
Sail Area 145 sqm 1,564 sq’