Ferry – 52


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Ferry 52

16 m [52.5′] 50 to 60 passenger ferry

The 16m ferries were a development of the 14m ferry. They were long to get a higher hull speed to meet the customer’s demand for a 25-knot operating speed. The displacement was increased to carry the extra passengers. They used the same efficient CS hull shape and the same flat panel construction for the wing deck and superstructure. These ferries operated 18 hours a day for 7 days a week on Hong Kong Harbour and have shown very impressive fuel savings for the owners, 3.6 litres [ 0.95 US gals] per nautical mile at 25 knots in full load condition. This fuel usage and performance are typical of the efficient CS hull form that we use for our power vessels and motorsailers.

CNC cutting files can be provided to enable all parts of this vessel to be computer cut and as usual “How To” construction booklets accompany the plans.


LOA 16m 52′ 6
BOA 5.78m 19′
Displacement [Full Load] 12,100 kg 26,620 lb
Power 2 x 186 kw 2 x 250 hp
Performance Operating speed 25 knots 60 passengers