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MALCOLM TENNANT MULTIHULL DESIGN LTD are designers of multihulled vessels, both power and sail. We design Catamarans, Trimarans and the occasional Proa.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS. This website presents the results of 43 years of design experience. The 264designs produced have been built in over 53 countries. This means that there are thousands of our boats out there in the real world test tank constantly providing us, and you, as our client, with ever more valuable experience that is not available to any other designer.

Our sailing designs range from small off the beach boats, through to open wing racers like the record setting 'Afterburner' and the recent carbon beamed 'Hi-Octane'; to solid wing cruising boats and on to large motor sailers. These are capable of very high speeds under both power and sail. These are features not seen in any other motor sailer designs.

Our unique CS "canoe sterned" power boat hull shape, developed in house in 1983, and now rapidly becoming the "de facto" world-wide standard for displacement power catamarans, allows our power vessels to travel long, transoceanic, distances at speeds unobtainable by any similar sized power boat at previously unheard of efficiencies. These designs range in size from small fishing boats, to ferries, charter boats, trawler cats and large "Superyachts". Our twenty-five years of experience with this hull form allows us to produce boats that combine style with unprecedented efficiency and the softest ride available. They travel at speeds long thought to be the sole province of the planning boat. 30+ knots is not unheard of! And... this is achieved with minimal fuel consumption and very little wake.