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Alfresco - 40

Alfresco - 40
12 m[39.4'] solid wing cruiser

As the French multihull construction industry has increased its activity in the last few years it has begun to establish what might be called a "French Style" for its big cruising catamarans. These companies such as Fontaine-Pajot and Jeanneau have also been responsible for establishing the big cruising cat as a prominent part of the charter boat fleets in most parts of the world. Generally this "French Style" utilises lots of compound curves and complex shapes better suited to female moulded series production boats than amateur built one off. But it was my opinion that this style could be translated into simpler lines that could be built rather more easily without resorting to the expensive exercise of producing a plug and mould unless of course the demand warranted such an approach. The result of these speculations is the "Alfresco - 40"; "French Style" on a simpler plane. The interior layout is optimised for charter use with shower/head units centrally located in each hull and the galley up in the wing, but of course some individual modifications to the layout can easily be made. Similarly the use of low aspect ratio keels is a function of ease of use for charter work and the need to provide some protection for the twin sail drives. However a perfectly viable option is to turn the keels into much smaller beaching skegs that still protect the propeller, and fit centreboards for enhanced windward performance. Which option is chosen depends very much on the owners preferences and intentions. It is suggested that the standard sail drive two bladed folding propeller should be replaced by a three bladed "maxistream" feathering propeller in the interests of more secure motoring in adverse conditions. The rig is a variation on the Bergstrom Ridder set up and enables masthead extras to be set without the need for runners. The sail plan as shown is relatively conservative with a small, easily handled, roller-furling non-overlapping headsail. If more performance is required then a more generous sail plan is easily fitted. Mast head asymmetrical spinnakers and light weather reachers can be easily flown from the bows utilising a twin sheet- twin preventer system or a semi permanent "prod" can be set off the forebeam. Such systems combined with a squeezer make life very simple indeed. Construction is intended to be in strip plank cedar or Durakore with ply/foam/ply bulkheads. It can equally well be built in strip plank foam over temporary CNC cut frames for the hulls with vacuum-bagged flat panels for the rest, or it can be built in any combination of foam and timber construction that you fancy.

Study Plans available for only: US$30.00

Working Plans available for only: US$6,800.00

LOA 12.2m 40'
BOA 7m 23'
Displacement 8,084 kg 17,825 lb
Sail Area 69 sqm 742 sq'