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      Date: Nov  5, 2013
     Title: Domino 20 Passagemaking Power Catamaran

Domino 20 new build offer from NCBB

NCBB, the boat builders for the second Domino 20 design to be launched are now offering this design as a new build.   NCBB are an experienced composite boat builder based north of Auckland, New Zealand and have had a long history of building power catamarans in general and in particular Tennant Power Catamaran.

They are offering a number of options to builders looking for a Domino 20 in terms of level of completion and supply to suit individual owners.   

The Domino 20 is a full foam cored sandwich structure designed for offshore use.   It provides a robust and lightweight structure that helps the vessel obtain the long range performance that separates this vessel from many others.   

For enquiries relating to a new build of this vessel please refer to their website.   The Domino 20 page on this website will also provide additional information about the design and its capability.