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Malolo Cat IV Launched

This Tennant Power catamaran ferry was recently launched in Fiji.
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Posted by: tony

This Tennant Power Catamaran Ferry was recently launched in Fiji.  This 22m Ferry was built in Fiji in all composite sandwich construction by Leeward Island Service of Fiji.   The ferry is to be used for transfers between the main island of Fiji and the resorts of Plantation Island and Musket Cove.   As a commercial vessel it was important that the vessel be as fuel efficient as possible and have minimum maintainence costs over its life.   These two factors make composite construction very beneficial in service.   Combined with the Tennant CS hull shape make for a fuel efficient ferry capable of 22knots at full load.

 The ferry originally started out as one of our Stock Designs, the New Foundland.   However the owners wanted a vessel that had a more elegent profile and so we restyled the vessel, while retaining the cost effect flat panel construction.

This vessel is the second tennant power catamaran built to serve the island

 Tennant Malolo Cat IV Launched