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Hi Octane Sailing

Sailing the Hi Octane Sailing Catamaran
Category: General
Posted by: tony

I recently had the opportunity to get out and sail on the first hull of the Hi Octane sailing catamaran.   The design was originally concieved as the successor to the popular Malcolm Tennant Blade Runner Sailing Catamarans.    Fitted with a bit carbon rig and carbon cross beams she was a full on racing machine.  

The first boat built has had a few modifications to suit the owners tastes for a retirement project which would still be capable of some serious speed.   To keep it within budget the carbon fibre went out the door, and a solid flat deck was added aft to make it a bit more cruiser friendly.    The result has got me really impressed, and I took the first opportunity I could to take the boat out for a sail on a couple of stunning days in Auckland and she has reminded me what  joy these big boats are to sale.

In relatively light winds she ghosts along lightly, slowly building apparent until she was in a class of he own on the harbour.   Other than the America's cup boys and some skiffs out on the harbour there was nothing we could not overtake, and finished the day in a jaunt back up the harbour at 12-18 knots of boat speed.   Sailing single handed (while the owner had a coffee)  I happly jumped around pulling lines, adjusting and trimming while grinning from ear to ear.  (come on who doesn't like that part of Waterworld)

 Tennant Sailing Catamaran Hi Octane

There is something pretty magical about an open bridge deck sailing catamaran like this that makes it one of the best ways to get around!   The sense of speed and freedom, all round visibility and the awesome power of the rig send the boat surging forward at the slightly provactation, and all this while sitting on a comfortable seat with a coffee in hand! 

At times like that you can't help thinking about 'the next boat' and what could be done with a little bit more budget.   Perhaps a little bit longer, maybe a touch more cabin to help convince the family of her cruisability?   If I was going to build a new boat then there was no way I would get away with also buying a sports car so the boat would have to take that roll as well.   Best to put a bit more sail area on there as well to counter the increase in accomodation and put pen to paper.............

   Tennat Sailing Catamaran Hi Octane