Pioneering History

Malcolm Tennant was a pioneer of multihull design, founding his company in 1963.  Almost a decade before what would become his break through design, the Great Barrier Express or GBE.   Some 45 years on these little race boats are still competitively raced like no other classic yacht design!   The 1970s were a time of great development in the multihull world, and Malcolm played a leading role in pushing the boundaries of with light weight stressed ply construction, wingmast and foils.


Malcolm’s pursuit for efficiency

The yachts steadily grew bigger and faster, and Malcolm’s pursuit for efficiency in sailing designs soon lead to further developments.  In 1983,  Malcolm designed ‘Cordova’  a 60 foot motor sailing catamaran that could motor and sail at 20 knots.   To prevent the traditional sailing yacht from squatting at speed under motor only, a bustle was added to the hull retaining bouyancy aft while provide a very flat run aft, successful on the water but difficult to build,  the hull form was refined further into the Zenith 47, this was the first true version of Malcolm’s now famous Canoe Stern (CS) hull form the became his bench mark for fuel efficient hull design.

The Designs

This hull form is what enabled a successful series of efficient power catamarans,   passenger ferries and ocean going passage makers m power catamarans capably of crossing the worlds oceans.   The hull has exceptional fuel efficiency across a wide speed range, combined with light weight composite construction this shaped the future of the design office with over 265 unique designs across the range of sports yachts,  race yachts, cruising yachts, commercial ferries,  passage making power catamarans and luxury cruisers.